Ari Priven


Ari Priven

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Hazzan Priven plays a principal role in shaping BJ’s musical approach to prayer, which has become a model for synagogues across the country and around the world.

A composer, he has produced and performed in several recordings of BJ’s music, including With Every Breath (The Music of Shabbat), HaLailah Hazeh: The Music of Pesah at BJ, and TekiYah, Echoes of the High Holy Days at BJ.

Inspired as so many were by The Invitation to Piyut—North America conference, Hazzan Priven also helped produce recordings of piyutim (liturgical poems).

Hazzan Priven was born in Argentina, where he trained under the late Rabbi Marshall T. Meyer. After earning a Master’s degree from the Universidad Tecnológica Nacional, he joined his mentor, Rabbi Meyer, and Rabbi Matalon at B’nai Jeshurun in 1989, where his musical influence helped revitalize the community.

Hazzan Priven lives in New York City with his wife, Nina Priven, MD, and their three children.

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