We believe in spirituality.

We hold tight to tradition as we wake up our spiritual selves. We nourish ourselves with prayer, joyful music, and a loving community, which brings us closer to God.

We believe in community.

We are better together than separate. Our experiences and values help us build strong connections, which make us feel like we really belong somewhere. Whatever happens in life, we are there for one another—a safe and solid sanctuary as we navigate the ebb and flow of life.

We believe in inclusivity.

We know that our community is made strong by the way we engage with other people. We believe in a radical embrace of every individual, and we welcome all walks of life. We love our diverse community, and the rich and vibrant tapestry it brings about.

We believe in activism.

We see the injustice in our world and we want to make things better. We know in our hearts we’re part of something bigger, so we have no choice but to pursue the causes we care about with passion. We strive to make a difference in the world, and that our work will inspire compassion and social equality.

We believe in growth.

We learn through wrestling with our beliefs, which is the purpose of our learning programs. Education is the cornerstone of self-awareness, intellectual development, and an enduring faith, and it’s a thriving part of our community for all ages. Our spiritual leaders are eager to help enthusiastic students make their way into deeper introspection.