Community, Caring, & Belonging

We welcome, with love, anyone who comes here to explore, build, and connect. Our community is a lively, rich tapestry of backgrounds—religious, ethnic, geographic, socioeconomic, ability, sexual orientation, gender identity, and family structure—and we keep growing every day. We value our differences and embrace the full diversity of today’s Jewish community.  

The BJ family may be large, but it is warm and close-knit, and our bonds are deep, loyal, and lifelong. Through small groups, neighborhood-based programs, and volunteering, we give of ourselves to co-create the larger community that is B’nai Jeshurun. In times of need, whether it’s a home cooked meal, a shoulder to lean on, or help with a sick family member, we take care of each other.

Wherever you are coming from and wherever you are on your journey: You belong here.