Affinity Groups & Havurot

Affinity groups and havurot (small groups) are a great way to find your people at BJ. Some groups are organized around life stage and age, while others are based on shared interests. Have an idea for a group you’d like to lead? Contact Rabbi Shuli Passow.


Havurot are a wonderful way to connect and build relationships. Havurot are lay-led cohorts of BJ members who meet periodically throughout the year to create community together in an intimate setting based on shared interests or demographics. Typically these groups meet at least once a month over the course of one year, but some that were created years ago are still thriving! They can be virtual or in person, it’s completely up to you, your vision, and your comfort level. Past examples of havurot include BJ bikers, discussion groups around specific topics like racial justice or the weekly Torah portion, book clubs, groups that met for Shabbat in their area, mindfulness and meditation, parenting or grandparenting in multi-racial families, nature walkers, young family brunches, and more.

Contact Rabbi Shuli Passow for more information, or if you have an idea for a havurah that you’d like to lead!