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Coronavirus Update: March 9

This post contains important updates regarding upcoming programs and protocols. For general information and background on BJ’s coronavirus response, please refer to Friday’s update here.

Monday, March 9: Purim Afterparty is canceled

The following programs will continue as planned:

New Campus Procedures

  • Until further notice, we ask all guests to arrive via the 89th Street entrance only, and proceed directly to the restrooms to wash your hands per CDC guidelines.
  • Until further notice, we will only offer food that is pre-packaged or served individually to guests—there will be no self-service food provided at any program.

Self-Quarantine Policy

At this time, we are asking BJ staff, BJ families, and friends, to self-quarantine if:

  • You, or anyone in your household, are symptomatic and has yet to be medically cleared.
  • You, or anyone in your household, have recently returned from a high-risk region of the country or abroad and are still in the 14-day quarantine window.
  • You, or anyone in your household, attend, or have visited, a school or institution that is currently closed either due to a confirmed case of COVID-19, or due to a pending COVID-19 test. (If you or your household is connected to an institution that  is closed only as a precaution, we are not asking you to self-quarantine at this time).

Minyan, Kaddish, and Livestream

We will be offering all of our prayer services via the BJ livestream.

The Rabbinic Assembly’s Committee on Jewish Law and Standards shared this guidance regarding virtual minyanim: “Those who wish to be part of a weekday minyan to recite prayers requiring a minyan, including mourner’s kaddish, may connect virtually (through audio or video) with a minyan (whether of their own congregation or another) whose members are meeting in person, preferably in their time zone. They may recite kaddish, kedushah, barkhu, etc, and hear Torah reading along with that minyan.” For more information click here.