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Support Frontline Workers: Make-at-Home Face Shield Kits

Thanks to a longtime BJ member who has been making face shields at home and has spearheaded this effort, we are putting together 25 make-at-home kits. Each kit will include instructions and enough material to make 18 face shields to support medical professionals. It’s an easy project to do at home and great for kids and parents to do together. 

Why Face Shields?

While many people are sewing masks (which is great) there is another type of personal protection equipment (PPE) that is not getting as much attention: full face vinyl shields. Supplies are equally low and use of this in combination with any mask (N95, cloth, surgical, etc.) has a lesser rate of infection as it stands as a physical barrier between the provider and the droplets. 

Face shields require no sewing, and can be made with four materials (plus scissors and staples). Assembly takes only a few minutes per shield, and they do not need to be sterilized before use.

If selected, you will be responsible for picking up the box of materials from the BJ Community House, and sending your completed face shields to providers in need of PPE. You can use this site to find locations in need: https://getusppe.org/give/

Please fill out this form if you are interested in picking up a make-at-home kit. Can’t make shields at home? You can still support our efforts by making a contribution to offset the cost of materials or share connections to health professionals who can use the face shields at their hospital or practice. Use the form to let us know if you’re donating, or if you have recommendations for additional donation locations.