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New Melodies for Shabbat

This Shabbat, we are introducing three new melodies into our rotation. Earlier this week, our prayer team practiced them so that you can, too!

The familiar text was adapted to this traditional Moroccan melody by Yagel Haroush, an Israeli performer of piyutim.

Melody #1: The melody for the opening verses is borrowed from one of the oldest and most famous Ladino songs, Adio Kerida.
Melody #2: This one is borrowed from the melody of a Judeo-Moroccan piyut, Ein Dei Ba-er Hasdei.

Written by 11th-century scholar, poet and philosopher Rabbi Shlomo Ibn Gbirol, this poem focuses on the oneness and interconnectedness of all creation. The melody, preserved by a few elders in the Jewish community of Istanbul, Turkey, was brought back to life by Hadass Pal Yarden, an Israeli ethnomusicologist, teacher, and singer.