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Join the BJ Hazorim CSA

BJ’s Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is back!  Registration ends April 1.

What is a CSA?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. It is a partnership between local farms and individuals that allows those of us who live in New York City to enjoy fresh produce straight from a local farm. When you join a CSA, you become a member of a local farm and purchase a recurrent share of the seasonal harvest from a regional farmer. CSAs shorten the distance from farm to table, benefiting the health of our bodies, our wallets, and the earth. A CSA relationship means that farmers and members share the risks and benefits inherent to agriculture and provides consumers with a deep connection to their food and the people who grow it.

CSA members receive a weekly abundance of fresh, local food throughout the growing season. Each share is based on the produce ready for picking at the time, and members will not be able to request preferences beforehand. For 22 weeks, from mid-June until November, your farmer will deliver your weekly produce share to BJ for you to pick up on Wednesdays from 4pm-7pm.

Why join the BJ Hazorim CSA?

The word “hazorim” in Hebrew means “the ones who sow or harvest.” The word comes from a passage in Psalm 126, which we sing before Birkat Hamazon (the “Grace After a Meal” blessing). Just as Birkat Hamazon encourages us to acknowledge and have gratitude for our food, being part of a CSA brings participants increased intentionality and awareness of the food we consume. We hope to move our members one step closer to becoming hazorim by connecting to the farm and farmers who grow our food.

Any food that is not picked up by members will be donated to our weekly lunch program

Our Partner Farm

Our CSA this year will be from Norwich Meadows Farm, an organic vegetable producer in New York’s Chenango County. Learn more about their story and history

Member Work Shifts

To make our CSA a success, we all have to pitch in. By joining the CSA, every member or family commits to working volunteer shifts assisting with CSA pick-ups at some point over the season. 

After you register, you will be contacted to sign up for your work shifts. Families can send one person or choose to come as a group to help out together. If you are not able to volunteer on Wednesdays, we will work with you to find alternative ways to support the CSA! 

Shares and Rates

Vegetable shares come in two sizes (regular or large) and are available for either weekly or bi-weekly pick-up. The shares will come prepackaged from the farm, so your box will be ready for you when you pick it up! 

Shares are available weekly or bi-weekly. The seasonal rates below include a one-time $88.00 delivery fee ($44.00 for bi-weekly) as well as a one-time $10 membership fee to help cover administrative and operating costs. 

Check out examples of what’s included in your pick-up here.

Vegetable Share*

Early-Bird Pricing:

  • Regular Vegetable Share: $648.00 ($329.00 for bi-weekly)
  • Large Vegetable Share: $1198.00 ($604.00 for bi-weekly)

Pricing After March 15:

  • Regular Vegetable Share: $698.00/$354.00 for bi-weekly
  • Large Vegetable Share (BJ M: $1298.00/$654.00 for bi-weekly

You must purchase a vegetable share in order to add on an egg or fruit share. Add-ons must be the same frequency as your vegetable share.

Egg Add-on*

  • 1 dozen eggs weekly (22 weeks) $148.50
  • 1 dozen eggs bi-weekly (11 weeks): $74.25

Fruit Share Add-on**

  • Weekly (20 weeks): $300.00
  • Bi-weekly (10 weeks): $150.00


*All vegetables and eggs are from our farm and are certified organic.

**Fruit is not from Norwich Meadows directly. It is sourced from other local farms that are for the most part NOT organic but that Norwich Meadows has worked with for several years. Fruit producers use integrated pest management (IPM) and other sustainable methods of farming.   


Graphics by April Stewart Klausner