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Exhibition: Jewish Women—A World of Tradition and Change

Joan Roth’s captivating exhibit, “Jewish Women: A World of Tradition and Change,” now on display in the BJ Community House Gallery.

About Joan Roth

Joan Roth‘s lens has illuminated the untold stories of Jewish women across the globe – from Ethiopia to Bukhara, Ukraine to Yemen, India, Morocco, and beyond. “Jewish Women: A World of Tradition and Change” unveils the mosaic of their lives, celebrating the diverse roles they play, both within their homes and in the broader workforce. Joan is an internationally acclaimed photographer, photojournalist, ethnographer, and portraitist.  For over five decades she used her camera to affect change for women who wouldn’t otherwise be seen. Her work includes homeless women in New York City, the U.S. Women’s Movement from the 1970s to today, and the diverse lives of Jewish women around the world.

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