Ending Kaddish: A Conversation

While there is an abundance of ritual surrounding the experience of grief and mourning, the ending of Kaddish is often marked by absence—by just stopping. Join Rabbi Felicia Sol to discuss potential ways to mark this moment of concluding Kaddish.

Welcome Back Ice Cream Social

Ample Hills Creamery 526 Amsterdam Ave, New York

Come say hi to the Family Life and Learning team and join us for a sweet treat as we say farewell to summer!

Event Series Bim Bam Fall-Winter 2022

Bim Bam Fall-Winter 2022

Sanctuary 257 West 88th Street, New York, NY, United States

Bim Bam gives children under three a fun space to get ready for Shabbat through interactive songs, movement, and stories, while practicing traditions such as lighting candles and saying Kiddush. The program is entirely in Hebrew.