All Day

DOROT Passover Package Delivery

DOROT 171 W. 85th Street, New York

Volunteer to deliver a Passover package and share a visit or friendly phone call with an older adult.

Event Series Morning Minyan

Shaharit (Online)

Remote Access Only NY

Develop a daily Jewish practice and help us make a minyan so our members can say kaddish for their loved ones. Join us every day on Zoom, and in person on Mondays, Thursdays, and other special days with Torah reading.

Memorial Scrolls Trust Gathering

Temple Emanu-El 1 East 65th Street, New York

Come together for this commemorative service for the Czech scrolls from the Memorial Scrolls Trust (MST) that are being cared for in the New York metropolitan area.

Event Series Evening Minyan

Minha-Arvit (Online)

Remote Access Only NY

Join us in virtual community for Minha (the afternoon service). As we maintain a collective spiritual practice, please join us in supporting all those in our midst who are saying Kaddish.