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Ben Jablonski’s Story: Find Purpose

Ben Jablonski’s family were not treated with dignity while growing up in their native Eastern Europe.

It’s what inspired him to become a member of the Hevra Kadisha, as a way to provide dignity to others. Volunteers in the Hevra Kadisha prepare bodies of Jewish people for burial, ensuring that community members are honored in both life and death.

For Ben and many others, the physical shepherding of the body and soul from life to death through the Hevra Kadisha is a way to express honor and dignity.

“In that moment, you’re helping someone who has passed and doesn’t have their body to help themselves,” he  says.


Our BJ Community Covenant offers us the opportunity to build and sustain our community and its shared values by declaring them, and by entering into a covenant that reflects who we are and aspire to be.

BJ’s Hevra Kadisha committee offers one way in which BJ members can act upon their covenant. In addition to Tahara, there are many other ways to be part of the Hevra Kadisha, and live out your community covenant by providing care and support to other members.

Live out the values of our BJ Community Covenant, and sign up to volunteer today.