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A Call to Action on Ukraine

The situation in Ukraine continues to weigh heavily on our hearts, as we see the catastrophic unnecessary loss of life, the lives needlessly uprooted, people fleeing with nowhere safe to go. How many times we have said never again over the past 76 years—and yet, here it is, happening again. It is painful to watch, and we as Jews feel compelled to do whatever we can.

The people in Ukraine need our help. Please consider taking any of the following actions, however you can, and support the people of Ukraine.

Ways to Donate

Joint Distribution Committee (JDC)

Global Jewish humanitarian organization JDC provides a lifeline to 40,000 vulnerable Jewish elderly and children across Ukraine through its network of care services, Jewish community programs, and Jewish leaders.

Your gift to JDC will provide critically needed food, medicine, homecare, and other emergency support to Jewish seniors and families sheltering in place in Ukraine. It will also go toward providing transport, food, warm clothes, accommodations, and ongoing care to the millions of refugees who have fled their homes to nearby countries. Support their work.


HIAS, a refugee protection organization, is increasing its efforts to resettle refugees from Ukraine. Help support their emergency efforts.

Project Kesher

Project Kesher’s (PK) work in Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, and Israel builds Jewish community, promotes gender equality, eradicates religious and ethnic intolerance, and advances civil society by developing and empowering women leaders. PK is mobilizing globally to support Ukrainian women and their families. Donate to their Emergency Fund for Ukrainian Women and Girls.

West Side Campaign Against Hunger

Russia’s unprovoked war against Ukraine has come at a particularly difficult time, with high inflation and gas prices, meaning the costs of everything have gone up, affecting the most vulnerable New Yorkers. Consider also making a donation to WSCAH to help those who may be experiencing extra food insecurity during this trying time.

Take Action

Ask the Biden administration to keep Ukrainian families together. Ukranian refugees should be able to reunite with family in the U.S. rather than wait in limbo with temporary protection in Europe. Now is the time to live up to our value of welcoming people in their moment of need. Take action via HIAS.

Learning and Spiritual Comfort

Pay tribute to the Ukrainian suffering during your Pesah seders, with supplements from the JDC including a special reading and testimony from those living through it.

Find spiritual comfort in music from this virtual concert sponsored by JDC.

Read and recite this prayer for peace, written by Rabbi Nathan Sternhartz of Nemirov in the spirit of his teacher, Rabbi Nahman of Breslov, both of whom lived in a region that is now part of Ukraine.

Recommended reading from Rabbi Jill Jacobs, CEO of T’ruah:
The Man Without a Face: The Unlikely Rise of Vladimir Putin and Surviving Autocracy, both by Masha Gessen.

The Road to Unfreedom: Russia, Europe, America by Timothy Snyder

We continue to pray for a swift de-escalation and resolution to Russia’s unprovoked, barbaric war against Ukraine, that Ukraine maintains its sovereignty, and for no more lives to be lost.