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Turkey Challenge 2021

One in eight Americans will be hungry this Thanksgiving.

Each year, as part of our ongoing efforts to address food insecurity in NYC, BJ supports the West Side Campaign Against Hunger (WSCAH) Turkey Challenge to provide healthy, delicious holiday meals for New Yorkers in need.

Last year BJ contributed over $16,000 to the Turkey Challenge, and WSCAH (with the support of all its community partners) was able to provide 5,000 turkeys to friends and neighbors in need.

This year, WSCAH aims to provide turkeys and holiday foods to 7,000 families and so, BJ is setting out with a goal to raise $18,000. A donation of just $54 (triple chai) supports two families’ meals.

Please donate on BJ’s collection page today to ensure that all New Yorkers can enjoy a Thanksgiving meal this holiday season.

BJ Families: Kids & teens can participate in the Turkey Challenge too by writing cards for WSCAH customers that will be distributed with their turkeys. There will be a collection box for cards at Kadima pick-up & drop-off on November 9, 16, and 23.

Other ways to support New Yorkers in need this Thanksgiving: 

Cookie Pledge & Drop-off: The Church St. Paul and St. Andrew is organizing a cookie bake for Goddard Riverside’s Community Thanksgiving meal. Goddard will serve 1200 to-go meals on Thanksgiving day to our neighbors, and SPSA seeks volunteers to bake and package 600 dozen cookies. Bake at home, and package your homemade goodies in individual sandwich bags. When they’re all baked and packaged, you can drop them off at the church between November 19 and 21. Sign up by Saturday, November 14.

“When you are asked in the world to come, ‘What was your work?’ and you answer: ‘I fed the hungry,’ you will be told: ‘This is the gate of the Lord, enter into it, you who have fed the hungry’” (Midrash to Psalm 118:17).

Questions? Contact Kiana Davis, Social Action and Social Justice Manager.