“Yism’hu v’malhut’kha shomrei Shabbat v’korei onegThose who observe Shabbat and call it a delight shall rejoice in Your sovereignty.”

Coming together on Shabbat is the essence of who BJ is as a community. We believe that education is about modeling authentic experiences of Jewish life, and the Shabbat Model builds upon just that by surrounding our children with the core values of music and spirituality, community, and approachable and accessible Judaism.

The Shabbat Model brings families together in community on Shabbat, celebrating with prayer and music. It is required for Kadima families but open to any BJ member families with 3rd-6th graders.

  • Shabbat Model services will be held the first and second Shabbat of each month.
  • Families participate in two Shabbatot services per month, open to the preference of your family. To help build community, we encourage families to commit to the same Shabbat schedule on a regular basis, whether it be Friday nights only, Saturday mornings only, or one Friday and one Saturday service. We understand that occasional schedule changes may need to be made.
  • Each Shabbat Model service also includes a Shabbat meal.

For questions about the Shabbat Model, please contact Calle Schueler.