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Pesah Resources from Family Life & Learning

Passover begins the evening of April 5. Whether you’re having a seder with friends or on your own, are attending a community gathering, or just want to learn more, below are some Passover resources you may find helpful.

The Seder

Start prepping for Passover by learning a bit more about the holiday. And if you’re hosting a seder, check out these great tips and step-by-step guide. Plus, Chabad has tons of seder resources.

If you’re looking for haggadot for your seder, there are many available online. Chabad has several versions, including a classic Hebrew/English haggadah, and there are modern versions of it too, including this racial justice and inclusivity haggadah or this LGBTQA haggadah. Put yourself in the narrative with the HIAS haggadah focused on refugees and asylum seekers, or use this minimalist friendseder version.

Try Uncle Eli’s Four Questions (in the vein of Dr. Seuss) for a fun change, and maybe find a kernel of truth in Bim Bam’s Passover seder.

What food is Kosher for Passover?

Check out these simple guides about which foods are (or are not) kosher for Passover, from Proportional Plate and Tori Avey.


Whether or not you have a kitchen, these dorm room matzah hacks will help get you through the holiday. If you’re hosting a seder, find haroset recipes here as well as recipes for lots of other Passover dishes at Real SimpleTaste of Home, and your hometown BJ Community Passover guide.

Music & Podcasts

What’s a holiday without music? Find your seder faves at BJ Melodies of PesahSpotify, and Sound Cloud. Get in the Passover mood with a playlist of music inspired by the texts and themes of the holiday, curated by the BJ team. And you’ll love the Passover playlist from Rising Song Records, featuring everything from Zusha to Peter, Paul and Mary to Hasidic melodies to Louis Armstrong. Forgot the words to Dayenu? Learn them here.

Find Six13’s A Lion King Passover and The Red Sea Shanty, Aish’s Passover Funk, and the Maccabeats’ Les Mis Passover.

And while you’re on your way to class, get in the Passover spirit with this short but insightful podcast from Mayim Bialik.

Pesah Resources for Early Childhood Families

The Four Questions

Practice the four questions and their answers with your children in time for the seder. Each answer is accompanied by videos and written resources.


Enjoy a playlist of child-friendly Pesah songs from our friends at the Rising Song Institute, featuring everything from Zusha to Peter, Paul and Mary; from Hassidic melodies to Louis Armstrong.


Bring a little bit of summer camp to your seder with this fun activity book!