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Mitzvah #3: Host a Purim Seudah

What exactly is a Purim Seudah?

One of the most important mitzvot of Purim is to host a seudah (a festive meal) on Purim day. Since Purim is known as a particularly joyous holiday, don’t be afraid to pull out all the stops!

What do I serve at my seudah?

While there’s no right or wrong way to celebrate Purim or host a seudah, symbolic foods are traditionally served to enhance the celebration. Here are some examples:

Hamentashen: Triangle-shaped cookies with a filling, meant to look like Haman’s hat. 

Kreplach (dumplings): Making food with a hidden stuffing is one way to symbolize the “hidden miracle” of the holiday. 

Vegetarian option: Some rabbis believed that Esther ate only vegetarian foods as a way of avoiding eating non-kosher meat in the palace.

What’s with all the drinking during Purim?

There is an ancient rabbinic custom to drink until you “can’t distinguish between ‘cursed be Haman’ and ‘blessed be Mordekhai’”—a (very relatively) concrete measurement of how intoxicated you have to become to be in a true festive mindset. However, this is in no way a commandment! One should celebrate safely and in a way that makes them feel comfortable.