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Michael + Antonio’s Story

Over the last few years, amid the uncertainty and worry surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, Michael Geller and Antonio Pagliarulo were inspired to look for more meaning. And they found it at BJ.

During times of hardship, our community quietly serves our souls with friendship, support, and comfort, approaching our traditions in ways that are forward thinking and yet embrace our Jewish identity. And we do it together.

“What we love most about BJ is the oasis of community and meaning it has offered us, especially during these last few tumultuous years. Through prayer, learning, laughing, and gathering—whether in-person or online—we have found calm, restoration, and a loving embrace. BJ reminds us of what truly matters most and how we can manifest that every day in simple acts of Torah, joy, and lovingkindness.”

– Michael Geller & Antonio Pagliarulo

You can count on the BJ community for spiritual guidance, leadership, engagement, and support. It’s a place to come, whether it be online or in-person, to navigate our world together and to find peace in our new realities.

No matter what challenges you’re dealing with, there’s a home for you at BJ. Join us.

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