Family Life & Learning

For modern Jewish families, lifelong learning lays the foundation for a strong and enduring Jewish identity. From cradle to college, children will have the opportunity to explore Judaism and develop a firm sense of self along the way.

Jewish families of today are diverse and ever-evolving. As future generations continue to grow and change, our community serves two essential purposes: offering a home to a diverse membership, and maintaining Jewish tradition. Central to preserving tradition is helping others recognize how and why to make Judaism a core aspect of their lives.

Our aim is to inspire families to gain a deeper understanding of Jewish identity throughout every stage of life. Services tailored to children from toddlers to teenagers are held regularly, in addition to classes, lectures, workshops, retreats, and a robust curriculum at our Hebrew school, Kadima@BJ. B’nai Jeshurun offers a rich learning experience and the opportunity to be immersed in a living, thriving model of Judaism.

Upcoming Programs

See our event listings for upcoming services and programs for children, teens, and families. You can update the filter to find the best programs for your family!