This year’s Reach for Shabbat retreat is focused on reconnection, and we encourage you to think about it as a chance to reconnect socially and spiritually with your BJ community. Throughout the weekend, we will have opportunities to reconnect with your ideal Shabbat, as well as strengthen existing friendships and create new ones. We hope you will leave with a renewed sense of purpose, inspiration, and connection to your Shabbat community at home and at BJ.

The Reach for Shabbat retreat is a part of the Kadima@BJ curriculum. Families with a child enrolled in Gimmel (3rd grade), Dalet (4th grade), Hey (5th grade), and Vav (6th grade) have one student and one parent’s attendance included in their tuition. Children are not permitted to attend the retreat without an adult. Additional guests are welcome for an additional fee.

The deadline to register is Monday, September 18, 2023.

What time should we arrive?

We have the amazing blessing of spending an entire Shabbat together. In order to enhance that experience, participants must arrive at the retreat before Shabbat.

Arrival begins at 3:30 PM on Friday, October 20, and Shabbat and programming begins at 5:30 PM. Please give yourself enough time to arrive, park your car, check into your room, and unload your bags prior to candle lighting at 5:46 PM. In order to arrive by that time, assuming there is no traffic, you should leave the Upper West Side no later than 3:30 PM. Cars will not be permitted to drive through the retreat location after Shabbat begins.

The retreat concludes on Sunday, October 22, at 11:30 AM.

Which staff members will be there? 

Join the entire Family Life and Learning team at Reach for Shabbat! This includes Rabbi Rebecca Weintraub, Rabbi Deena Cowans, Michael Harlow, Danielle Freedman, Emma Miller, Calle Schueler, Kai Segall, Claire Miller, and Maddie Korbey.

How much does it cost for Kadima families? 

  • 1 x Kadima@BJ Parent: Free (included in Kadima tuition)
  • 1 x Kadima@BJ Child: Free (included in Kadima tuition)
  • Each additional parent: $300
  • Each additional child: $220

Is the retreat open to all BJ families? 

Reach for Shabbat is open to all families with students in 3rd-6th grade. The retreat is a part of the Kadima@BJ curriculum and is included in tuition, which gives priority to Kadima families. Families who are not registered for Kadima@BJ can participate with a fee.

  • 1 x Parent (Families not enrolled in Kadima): $300
  • 1 x Child (Families not enrolled in Kadima): $220