Today, millions of people around the country are at risk of suffering from an addiction to or overdose from opioid use. No matter the source of the opioids, these fatalities can often be prevented with the use of Narcan, a life-saving medication that rapidly reverses an overdose. The Jewish community is not immune to this reality, and BJ is proud to offer an opportunity for our community to learn how to use Narcan and gain knowledge that can help save lives.

Following services, join us for a training session and conversation in the Sanctuary. And if you’d like to join us from home, the session will also be available through our regular Shabbat Morning livestream

BJ members — check your most recent “This Week at BJ” email for your link to the members-only Zoom. (If you can’t find your link, email us.)

For many years, Dr. Jon Avery, head of addiction psychiatry of Weill Cornell Medicine, and Robin Kellner and John Sicher have partnered to distribute Narcan and provide training sessions around New York City. Robin and John discuss Robin’s daughter, Zoe, who lost her life in 2007 to an accidental drug overdose.