We have a traditional practice for moments like this one: ta’anit tzibbur—a fast that draws in the entire community to unite for deliverance for those in crisis. We stand in horror as Hamas has taken over 100 Israelis and other citizens hostage, among them infants, toddlers, entire families, the elderly and Holocaust survivors. While political and military leaders are pursuing pathways to their release, we have a religious and communal obligation to stand up for the victims and to cry out to God. Click here for more information about the communal fast day, and for a full list of community supporters.

All are invited to join us in communal prayer as we gather for Minha (the afternoon service). 

Liturgy for this public fast day will include the traditional Torah reading and Haftarah for a fast day, as well as the special prayers of Avinu Malkeinu and a prayer for release of hostages. We will then recite Tehillim and sing until the end of the fast at 6:50 PM.

Registration is not required to participate in person in the BJ Sanctuary.