Enjoy good food, connect with friends and meet new people, and celebrate Shabbat in community!

This month, Our Community Shabbat Dinner will be part of the Shabbat Scholars in Residence with Rabbi Vanessa Ochs and Dr. Peter Ochs. Following the dinner, Rabbi Ochs will share her talk: “New Jewish Rituals in a Time of Challenge.”

Before Covid, tuning into a synagogue service virtually seemed like something one would do as a desperate measure, say if one was housebound. With amazing speed, as synagogue professionals determined how to livestream services in engaging ways, worshippers at home not only got over their reluctance and discomfort with the idea of “virtual shul” but also—perhaps to our surprise—created new home praying habits which enrich our spiritual lives. What did we learn and why does it still matter, even as we have returned to the pews?

Rabbi Vanessa Ochs, Ph.D., Emeritus Professor of Religious Studies at UVA, is teaching rabbinical students this year at Hebrew Union College as the Rabbi Sally Preisand Visiting Professor. Her books include The Passover Haggadah: A Biography, Inventing Jewish Ritual, Sarah Laughed, The Jewish Dream Book (with Elizabeth Ochs), Words on Fire, and Safe and Sound.

Click here for information about Dr. Peter Ochs’ talk “The Journey of Torah, Science, and Prayer” as part of the Scholars in Residence Shabbat.

The Community Shabbat Dinner takes place the third Friday of each month.

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