LGBTQ+ Events

LGBTQ+ Jews in Film and Television

Venue: Rabbi Rachel Cowan Chapel Location: 270 West 89th Street

What does it mean for tv and film characters to be Jewish AND Queer, and how does it shape their trajectories? Led by Stav Meishar, we will watch excerpts and analyze biblical, contemporary, and academic texts as we deconstruct and reconstruct these characters’ journeys.

The Role of the LGBTQ+ Community in Israel’s Democracy Today

Venue: Rooftop Location: 270 West 89th Street

Join us for an-in depth conversation about diversity, human rights, LGBTQ+ rights, and Israeli democracy with representatives from IGY The Proud Youth Organization. This is an Aviv 20s, 30s, & 40s event.

Pride Shabbat Dinner

Venue: Community House Location: 270 West 89th Street

Celebrate Pride Shabbat by coming together for a festive Shabbat dinner filled with learning, song, and deepened connections. The dinner will also feature guest speakers from the Sephardi Mizrahi Q Network as well as other BJ community members.