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Building a World with Love

At Kadima tefilah, after singing Olam Hesed Yibane (Build a World on Love) I asked kids to share in the chat one way they were going to help build a world with love in the coming week.

These are the intentions they shared:

  • Send a letter to a hospital worker
  • Call my grandmother
  • Stay in touch with my friends!
  • My cousin is a nurse; I’m going to FaceTime her
  • Call my grandma
  • Help my family move
  • I want to cook a meal for someone who needs it
  • Cheer for the doctors
  • Call someone that is lonely
  • I would like to check on friends who are far away
  • Be kind
  • Send postcards to friends
  • Call my friend
  • Share music
  • I will call some people I haven’t spoken with in awhile
  • Bake for my neighbor
  • Yell as loud as I can at 7:00PM
  • ❤=?
  • FaceTime my grandparents
  • Call or write to someone
  • Thank our garbage collectors
  • Call a kid in my class who has no friends
  • Call friends
  • Send letters to first responders, help people feel better
  • Keep in touch with family members
  • Check-in with my sister who’s a doctor
  • Call my friends
  • Communicate with friends and family
  • Give Starbucks to people
  • Zoom my friends and family
  • Do something
  • Do a lot of good stuff
  • Call people who are lonely
  • I will love my sister
  • Stay in touch with friends