BJ Community Shabbaton

Last year, over 500 BJ members and guests filled the BJ campus for our first-ever Community Shabbaton, and we know that this year’s will be a beautiful and uplifting weekend of prayer, connection, music, and community.

In addition to connecting with each other, we’ll also celebrate our beloved Rabbi Felicia Sol. Back in 2021, Felicia was named senior rabbi at BJ after 20 years dedicated to leading our community with grace, wisdom, compassion. With so many of our members gathered together from near and far for the Shabbaton, we’ll have the opportunity to honor Felicia throughout the weekend with blessings and gratitude.

Registering for the BJ Community Shabbaton gives you access to a fully immersive and unique Shabbat experience at BJ, including adult classes and family programs; social gatherings and spiritual practice; and communal meals, cocktails, and refreshments. While Shabbat services and Community Kiddush are open to everyone, as always, registration for the Shabbaton will enable you to participate in a truly transformative community-building experience throughout the weekend.

Kabbalat Shabbat ⬩ Community Shabbat Dinner ⬩ Family Shabbat Dinner ⬩ Tot Shabbat Dinner ⬩ Teen Shabbat Dinner ⬩ Aviv (20s and 30s) After Hours Cocktails ⬩ Tour of the Historic BJ Sanctuary ⬩ Non-Local Members Meet and Greet with BJ Spiritual Leaders ⬩ Hakhanah LaTefillah (Preparation for Prayer) with Rabbi Roly Matalon ⬩ Shabbat Morning Services ⬩ Shabbat Morning Family Services ⬩ Community Kiddush ⬩ Shabbat Afternoon Adult Learning and Family Activities ⬩ Festive Seudah Shelishit ⬩ Hanukkah Candle Lighting and Concert

The deadline for making a Shabbat dinner reservation is November 30. Space is limited.

Registration Fees

Adult Members (18+): Parents of children 12 & under: $36
• Supporter: $180 Aviv (20s & 30s): $54
• Standard: $108 Teens (13-17): $36
• Reduced: $72 Children (12 & under): Free
Non-members: $180

Registration includes full access to Shabbaton programming and a variety of Shabbat dinner options. Children 12 and under attend for free. Cost should never be a barrier to participation.

If you need financial support, please email

Shabbaton Schedule

More details are still coming, but for now you can check out the latest draft of the schedule to get an idea of what it will look like.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Community Shabbaton open to non-members?

Registration for the Shabbaton is open to all who want to experience this special Shabbat at BJ. The non-member registration fee is $180, inclusive all all learning, programs, gatherings and meals. As always, Shabbat services and community Kiddush after Shabbat morning services are free and open to all who would like to experience the music and prayer that are so core to BJ, as well as the schmooze and food that takes place after Shabbat morning service.

This will be my first time at BJ! Is there someone who can show me around?

Absolutely! For a one-on-one connection, sign up on the registration form to be paired with a veteran BJ member who will be your buddy, sit with you at services, and answer your questions throughout the weekend. We will also offer a tour of the BJ Sanctuary and Community House on Shabbat afternoon for those who want to explore the history and design of the building. Also, check out our website for more information about the building and our services.

I’m coming in from out of town. Where can I stay?

Limited home hospitality with local BJ members may be available. If you are interested in this option, please fill out this form.

There are several hotel options on the Upper West Side that are convenient to BJ. As a courtesy, we have made arrangements with the following hotels that are within walking distance to the synagogue (10 to 15 blocks):

Rates have been discounted and/or certain fees waived, but the rates themselves can fluctuate daily. Hotel rooms are expected to be in high demand at the time of our Shabbaton; reservations should be made as soon as possible since most of these hotels have established cut-off dates for BJ’s discounted rates. 

I have dietary restrictions. Will there be food that I can eat?

While we may not be able to accommodate all allergies or restrictions, all communal meals will have vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options available. Please be sure to note any dietary restrictions on your Shabbaton registration.

How can I volunteer/host/help?

Thanks for helping! Please take a look at these volunteer opportunities and sign up for what speaks to you.

  • Sanctuary Welcome Team: Bring your warm smile and open heart by serving as a greeter for services on Friday night and/or Shabbat morning. We’ll give you all the info you need, so even if you’ve never been inside BJ before, you can absolutely be part of the welcome!
  • Out-of-town Host: Host BJ members coming in from outside the New York area for the weekend. If you select this volunteer opportunity, our Out of Town subcommittee will follow up with additional details and questions for you. You don’t need to host a Shabbat dinner in order to provide accommodations.
  • BJ Buddy: Welcome a specific person to BJ, sit with them during services to help orient them, and answer questions they may have. We’ll match you with a BJ member who has requested a buddy.
  • Clean Up Crew: Ease the burden on BJ’s operations staff by helping with clean up after Friday night dinner, community Kiddush, or Saturday evening dinner. You’ll also help direct people to dispose of their waste in the appropriate receptacles (trash, recycling, or compost).
  • Communal Meal Table “Host”: Help people feel at ease during the communal meals at BJ by facilitating introductions and conversation at your table.
  • Floor Team: Say hello to someone who is standing alone, introduce people, answer questions, and generally help create an atmosphere of warmth and belonging. We’ll give you all the info you need to do this job well, plus a big name tag so people know they can approach you!
  • On-Call Volunteer: Be on the list of people we can call if we need some extra hands leading up to the Shabbaton.

Got another special skill or super power? Let us know how else you want to volunteer!

What is the refund policy?

Refunds will be granted for those who cancel by Thursday, November 30.

What are the COVID-19 policies?

COVID-19 policies, if any, will be determined as we get closer to the Shabbaton, based on our assessment of the situation at that time.