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Our Community: Powered By You

All year, every year, BJ volunteers make amazing things happen. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit New York, it wasn’t a surprise that over 150 BJ members stepped up to offer their time, energy, and love as volunteers. We had such an abundance of offers, in fact, that we weren’t able to place all these potential volunteers!

The individuals listed below offered to make check-in phone calls, do grocery runs for those who couldn’t leave their homes, provide tech support so members could access BJ via Zoom, send meals to frontline workers, take the place of regular volunteers who couldn’t serve in our shelter and lunch program due to the pandemic, and much more.

We are incredibly grateful to everyone who was willing to give of themselves to make sure that BJ would remain a caring and compassionate community in the face of this crisis. Rav todot! Many, many thanks to all of you!

We are deeply grateful to Galit Lopatin Bordereau and Les Nelson, co-chairs of the Bikkur Holim committee, for overseeing our community outreach in response to the pandemic.

Jenny Golub
Nancy Greenblatt
Connie Gruber
Bob Gruenspecht
Dora Hanft
Miriam Herscher
Jennifer Hirsch
Leslie Horn & Family
Susan Hyman
Betsy Imershein
Marc Intrater
Rae Janvey
Ruth Jarmul
Nancy Kahn
Vicky Kahn
Miriam Harris Kaplan
Talia Kaplan
Rachael Kaplan
David Katzenstein
Beth Kern
Deborah Kirschner
George Klas
Steve Koppel
Toby Kovacs
Daniel Kovacs
Paula Kramer Weiss
Evie Krislov
Guenther Krumminga
Neil Kurshan
Daniel Lambert
Celia Lambert
Susan Viuker Lieberman
Debbie Lerner
Shira Nadich Levin
Cindy Levy
Beth Lief
Wendy Linderman
Robert Linderman
Galit Lopatin Bordereau
Mimi Lox
Steve Luong
Alan Mantel
Fran Manushkin
Julie Kowitz Margolies
Susan Margolis
Jennifer Mariaschin-Rudin
Glenn Marlowe
Linda Marshall
Rachel Mehler
Noa Mintz
Les Nelson
Sallie Newman
Maia Offitzer
Sonia Orenstein
Lisa Mednick Owen
Laurie Pauker
Ellen Perecman
Pene Raphaely
David Rhode
Ilene Rosenthal
Irv Rosenthal
Nadine Rothman
Julia Rothman
Marta Sanders
John Santelli
Isaac Santelli
Suzanne Schecter
Ellen Schecter
Eric Schneiderman
Jazmin Schwartz
Jonathan Schwartz
Cecily Schwimmer
Melanie Sherman
Alexandra Sherman
Rachel Sietz
Leah Silver
Sandy Soffin
Rachel Sotelo
Judy Spivak
Alexandra Stern
Lauren Stern
Samara Stern
Lori Sumberg
Gideon Taylor
Nancy Tepper
Susan Thal
Tammy Tuller
Lauren Turk
Dorothy Tydings
Marjorie Vandow
Sylvia Vogelman
Ayala Wasser
Eli Weiss
Julie Wilcox
Rae Winderbaum
Harriet Wolf
Judy Zorfas Spivak
Lisa Zucker
Zachary Cohn
Myriam Abramowicz
Harriet Abraham
Rachel Abrams
Karen Adler
Gail Amsterdam
Adi Anker
Eliza Anker
Sharon Anstey
Sima Arian
Amy Bennett
Meredith Berkman
Genya Bernstein
Jeannie Blaustein
Barbara Blum
Sophie Bokor
Galit Lopatin Bordereau
Michal Bowen
Jordan Brail
Mandy Braun
Joni Brenner
Abigail Bromberger
Eve Brunswick
Lisa Buksbaum
Lara Caligor
Susan Charney
Jenny Chubak
Elizabeth Cohen
Madeline Cohen
Ellen Corenswet
Thuythi Daily
Penny Dannenberg
Andrew Diamond
Sami Dines
Hilla Drechler
Sylvia Dresner
Ana and Ruben Dybner
Anne Ebersman
Michael Feinberg
Rachel Fischer
Lynda Fisher
Elissa Fishman
Sam Fishman
Susan Fishman
Fern Flamberg
Deborah Friedman
Nora Gaines
Christina Gantcher
Mike Gantcher
Judy Geller-Marlowe
Carol Gelles
Valerie Gerstein
Sian Gibby
Oriyan Gittig Schwartz
Helena Diamant Glass
Linda Golding
Shoshanna Goldman

Pease accept our sincere apologies if your name was inadvertenly omitted from this list.